Curious Kids - Preschool Program

Families will pay for a set number of days per week regardless of school schedule or attendance from the first day of September through the last day of June.  Those who attend during the Summer will be expected to pay throughout Summer weeks.

     Labor Day

    Columbus Day


     New Year's Eve

     New Year's Day
     Martin Luther King Jr. Day

     President's Day

     Memorial Day

School Vacations- 
     During Pentucket School District vacation weeks, I will be open Tuesday,      Wednesday and Thursday

Paid Vacation-
     Plus one week of paid vacation time in the Summer TBD

Field Trips
We typically have 2 field trips each year. 
Trips combine visits to sites that are relevant both culturally and naturally and tie in strongly with our Science curriculum.  
Families meet on site and school is closed on days of field trips. 

Past examples include: 
Lowell Boat Shop
Tendercrop Farm
Applecrest Orchard
Ipswich River Audubon Sanctuary
Firehouse Theater 

I will have several sites for walking field trips where children can explore a stream, a marsh, and a pine forest.

The neighborhood is quiet and safe for frequent walks.

At the end of the year we have a family beach party on Plum Island!

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