Curious Kids - Preschool Program

Academic Excellence; Age Appropriate; Nature Based; Current Best Practices; FUN...

As a kindergarten teacher for many years with a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Science Education, I have created a curriculum that combines all the best things schools today have to offer.  

Language and Literacy: 
Children are systematically taught pre-reading and reading skills with Nature Phonics (a program I've created) and Kids Yoga with Phonics (modified) among other resources.  High quality children's literature from well known authors and Caldecott recipients serve as the texts.  

Children will master building blocks of math concepts using techniques influenced by Singapore Math with which children develop a deep knowledge base.  

Using Inquiry based science techniques, children question the world and discover knowledge, then they "play with their new ideas"... think PBS' Sid the Science Kid.
Science lessons happen outdoors in the Outdoor Classroom immersing young thinkers in nature where endless discoveries can be made.  Watch the video of the Outdoor Classroom philosophy here.

Children are exposed to a variety of high quality music from a span of genres.  They are also exposed to concepts such as pitch, rhythm, and tempo.  Much of the music is from Music Together, an international early childhood music program.  

Art, like Music, is integrated into Language and Literacy, Math, and Science.  Children will draw, paint, sculpt, and photograph while learning concepts such as texture, color, and composition.  

Social Studies: 
Students will learn about others to build social awareness and empathy along with other social skills using Second Step among other resources.

Physical Education: 
Children are encouraged to move often in many ways.  In addition to traditional outdoor play where children have access to a swing set, hula hoops, balls, etc., we dance, practice yoga, hike, and climb trees because moving is fun and healthy. 

Children will be involved in meal planning and preparation to develop nutritional awareness.  We will prepare meals that are minimally processed and incorporate vegetables, fruits, and herbs grown at school.  

In addition to learning from the natural world, children will learn to care for it through daily practices such as conservation, recycling, and composting.  

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